EUROBIKE 2012 – CANNONDALE Trigger 29/ Lefty Max: by c_g

Cannondale Trigger 1

Having seen the new 26“ Trigger announced and it being present in all bike related publications, it should have been only a logical step to bring the 29″er platform as well – but only few had anticipated its release at Eurobike already. So, when strolling their booth leisurely, this new rig struck my eyes – completely unannounced and unexpected right in front of me.

The new Trigger 29 – as its little brother – belongs to CANNONDALE´s „Overmountain“ category – bikes with dual (not split ;)) personalities. Just like the other Overmountains only now with big wheels!

The heart of the bike is the FOX Dyad RT2 Dual Pull-shock , which basically is two shocks in one, with separate setting for each. By the flick of the bar mounted remote lever you engage either one or both air chambers, which on the Trigger 29 gets you 130 mm of all-mountain capable travel or a XC-firm 80 mm. The positive side effects of this is that sag is different in either settings also, which basically is like altering the bike´s geometry.

• Elevate Mode - Little sag, and steeper angles and short, progressive travel for a quick handling bike and efficient climbing.
• Flow Mode – more sag, slacker geometry, full travel and lower center of gravity for the smoothest ride in the rough and on downhills.

But of course there is more to the Trigger 29 than the shock:

With CANNONDALE´s requirements for handling the 26“ Jekyll´s kinematics were not applicable on the 29″er – so the Trigger 29″er had to depart from the common Overmoinutain suspension design as employed on the Claymore, Jekyll, and Trigger (26“). Now a much smaller seat tube mounted rocker activate the down tube mounted pull-shock.

Cannondale Trigger 2

The complete frame is designed with the utmost stiffness in mind. This philosophy (CANONDALE calls it ECS-TCS System) extends far beyond the massive and beautifully hydroformed alloy frame (no carbon frames for now on the Trigger 29). CANNONDALE knows that the stiffness of the linkage and multiple pivots are equally important to the bike´s handling.

Cannondale Trigger 3

In consequence the Trigger 29 features widely spaced pivots on industrial bearings that run on over sized axles (not as extreme as on the other overmountain bikes, but still evident) in the main pivots and dual bearings on the rear pivots. One further trick is that the rocker link and seat stays pinch the free moving 15mm axles, which leaves the inboard bearings load free – to ensure a long and smoothly running bearing life.


Just as new as the Trigger 29 itself is the Lefty Supermax Carbon PBR 29″ER – now with a whooping 130 mm of travel.

This fork is not a longer legged Lefty either but a completely new design. Larger tubes 36 mm lowers instead of the 32 of all other Leftys), longer travel (now 130 m for 29“) and a 53 mm offset axle.

Here is how CANNONDALE markets on the Lefty Supermax.

With everything else having grown – the new Supermaxx has also gotten heavier – 1850 g is what the catalogue says, that is a 500 g heavier than the lifghtest 100 mm 29″er Lefty.

Interestingly, no 26“ Supermax … go 29″er, go!!

Of course all of the new ´13 Lefty features are included … no more rubber shockboot, easier sag identification, new self resetting hybrid needle bearings and overall prolonged service intervals. A shame really that only the top level Trigger 29ER1 comes with the new LeftySupermax – all others get a normal dual stanchion fork (see specs.)

Here are the three models of the Trigger 29 that are planned for 2013:

Cannondale Trigger 3

Trigger 3 Spec

Cannondale Trigger 2

Trigger 2 Spec

Cannondale Trigger 1

Cannondale Trigger 1 Spec

Seems the 29″er world has received yet another Do-It-All 29″er bike, that claims to cover the full range of riding styles …. but since the truth lies on the trail, we hope to get a possibility for a real world test next season to check the claims.

So much from CANNONDALE´s new Trigger 29. More Eurobike news tomorrow here.


p.s: Not as prominent as the new Trigger, there also is a new women specific 29″er bike – the Trail SL 29 Women´s 2. This bike strongly reminds of the the Delta V frames of old, only with a standard fork. Here is a picture and the spec list:

Trail SL 29 Women's Specific 29"er

Trail SL Specs