Eurobike 2012: Tire Report Part II- by c_g

ONZA - the with a rich history, that was recently re-born under the Swiss flag, has entered the 29″er market last year with their ONZA Canis 29 x 2.25“. As you can read here we have had the tire on test and found it to be a universal and good performer for training and all around MTB use.

As a response to some criticism (including ours) ONZA has managed to shave off some weight putting the Canis better into this competitive field of tires. The new Canis 2.25 is said to weigh 660 g for the 60 TPI casing and 590 g for the 120 TPI-casing (both are rated as tubeless ready.)

Specifically requested by COMMENCAL, and original equipment on their bikes for 2013, there is an awesome looking skin wall version of the Canis. The good news for all those appreciating the homage to the ONZA tires of old … it will be available aftermarket as well. The stated specs are 640 g, 60 TPI casing, but not tubeless ready.

New for 2013 is the ONZA Lynx 2.25“. A tire that optically polarizes by its strongly asymmetrical tread pattern. Claims are for an easy rolling tire, that specifically excels in traction, and should have an even wider range of surfaces it works on. There will be two versions available – one with 60 TPI (770 g) and one with 120 TPI (730 g).


HUTCHINSON ( is a French tire manufacturer (with French Production) that here in Germany is primarily known as an OE supplier to various brands. Strangely enough they are not yet really present as aftermarket products – a thing that may well be about to change for some countries next year.

They have had quite a decent range of 29″er tires in their line – the Python (2.2“), Cobra (2.1“ & 2.25“),Toro (2.15“ & 2.35“) and Cougar (2.2“ & 2.4“), all of which come in different versions.

Now for 2013 we see the super fast Black Mamba 2.0“ come in 29″er format. This tire was developed specifically for their top racers with the Olympics in mind. As a micro-knobbed tire based it is a speedy little piece of rubber, based on the well known Cobra tread. It comes in a 2.0“ width and either as „Air Light“ (33 TPI and 530 g) or as „Tubeless Ready RR“ version (127 TPI, 495 g).

We are planning to give the HUTCHINSON 29″er tires a closer look this year.


MICHELIN (website HERE) has been one of the earliest European brands to offer a 29″er tire (the XC AT 2.0), but then has taken a long wait before bringing more up to date treads and technologies to the market. Last year we have seen the new Wild Grip´R and Wild Rac´R come in various versions. As some may remember Guitar Ted has recently reviewed their Wild Race´R here.

New for 2013 is the Wild Grip´R Advanced 2.25, a tire with a 60 TPI tubeless-ready casing and a pretty decent 730 g. The advanced series also includes their top compound called Gum-X with a claim to excel both in mileage and grip. The Wild Grip´R 2.1 is completing the range with the currently available Wild Grip`R Advanced 2.0 and Wild Grip´R 2.25 (no „Advanced“ here).

Estimated delivery is planned for spring´2013. No prices for now.

Another brand new tire – so new, it is not even mentioned in the 2013 catalog – is the Wild Mud. Little is communicated on it, only that it will come in 2.0 width and that the stepped squared knobs are designed to be flexible allowing to slightly rotate when ridden, so that mud penetration and self cleaning properties are optimized.


MAXXIS (website HERE) – also were present with much news, but only very little of it was of real value to the consumer for now.

Maxxis High Roller

Interestingly several of the shown samples were labelled „tubeless ready“ – but when asked, no one had been able to communicate whether there were any new technologies involved or whether MAXXIS simply got around rating their existing tires as such – we all know they work quite nicely converted tubeless. The only thing we heard from a rep was that if there ever was such a product – it would strictly comply to UST specifications.

Maxxis Minion DHF

The prototype samples (and as such with no specifications or confirmed production attached) were the long awaited and much rumored Highroller II (2,35“),Minion DHF (2.5“) and an never before seen Ardent Race (2.2“).

Ardent Race

The Ardent Race looks like it were to carry over some of the Ardent´s popularity into a more XC oriented design and as such bridge towards the great XC tire Ikon. Again, no details, so the pictures are all we can offer. (The Minion DHF has been shown last year already with seemingly no advances since ;))

The only real substantial news is the Exception version of the Crossmark 29 (may be only for the German market, I don´t know), and several 650b-versions of the Crossmark 2.1“, Ardent & Ardent EXO in 2.25“ and the Highroller II 2.4“.

So much for the second post on tire news. Tomorrow we will conclude this topic.