Eurobike 2012 A Summary: by c_g

Ok, Eurobike 2012 has closed the gates and with more than 366 world premiers, and nearly 70.000 visitors (in 4 days!) it has been the most successful Eurobike-Show to date.

Not really surprising to us has been the overwhelming number of 29″er bikes everywhere – I don´t remember one manufacturer in the field of mountain bikes, that does not at least offer a few models in 29″er size.

Most have greatly enlarged their Big Wheel portfolio, so that it became evident very early into the show that this year we would have to carefully select what we were to visit and cover … and here comes a short summary of what you can expect from us in the near future.


Every year manufacturers give out sneak peaks of products, but it seems this year we have seen more details on new products than ever before in advance to the Eurobike show. As such we have already given to you the 29″er News of …

SCOTT GENIUS 900 (here)
TREK Superflys und Stache (here)

ROCKY MOUNTAIN had also already shown their Element RSL (Ride report here and introduced here) and more recently the 650b Altitude (here). Still they waited with the release of their 130 mm Instinct for this show – we have covered it here.

Another new introduction during the show, the BIANCHI Methanol 29 FS, has also been given to you most recently (here).


CUBE is a good example of how in Europe the 29″er market has developed exponentially. While last year a complete newcomer to the field (like several ), they now offer a complete range of 35 different 29″er bike models (that is almost 50% of their MTB range!!!) – starting from the entry level AIM (top, at € 479.-) all the way to the Sub-22 lbs Stereo SHPC SLT (bottom, at a breathtaking € 7499.-).

We have already given you the intro to the CUBE Stereo Super HPC 140 mm 29″er earlier last month (here) and will soon be bringing to you the conclusions of our ride report – be assured it is a bike worth looking out for!


NINER BIKES were holding back a bit during this year´s Eurobike-show in terms of new releases.

What they did show was the revised 2013er RDO version of the Jet 9 Carbon – now with a Carbon-rocker and a 142/12 rear axle (we were told, the FOX I.R.D on the show bike is not likely to make it into a production bike). The current Jet9 Carbon RDO will be continued but with new graphics and under the name of Jet 9 Carbon

– here shown with the Moondust- finish.

(…. a real treat to the fans has been the beautiful Sir9 “IMBA Edition” sitting in the center of the booth.)

… we were told NINER is planning several releases for the future, so we will keep our eyes and ears open for news from them :).


As a surprise (that I almost missed when walking the trade show floors) has been the new CANNONDALE Trigger 29.

They had already shown and introduced their 26“ Trigger „Overmountain Bike“ but the 29″er version (above) is a premier for the show. Now with a 130 mm Lefty!!


Other companies have re-worked their lineup. Some have added Carbon versions of existing bikes, some have filled gaps.

ROTWILD, INTENSE and ELLSWORTH are good examples of such new carbon versions. But these bikes are more than only versions of existing bikes – some of them are lot more than one would think of at first glance …


TRANSITION Bikes have not only done a carbon version of the 26“ Covert, but also put their classic in big wheels. Shown is the Covert 29, which extends the range into aggressive All- Mountain use, if not into enduro riding.

… more details will follow.



In the face of advancements in carbon construction and their ever growing popularity we had to realize (with a sad tear in our eyes ) that steel frames have really taken a back row seat on this show – I am not sure I counted more than a hand full of steel 29″er bikes this year! A reason for this sure may be that steel is more and more going the „small brand / custom builder“ way (who simply cannot afford a both at this show), but still …

Only the „Biggies“ BREEZER (with the Lightning) and RITCHEY were prominently present. BTW, RITCHEY have been celebrating their 40th anniversary with the P-Series (now also in 27,5“) alongside builder legend Tom. Both names had been around already during ´12 and have been reviewed by us – the RITCHEY P29″er here and the BREEZER Lightning here.

It is a shame, but luckily some small brands like CIELO, 2SOULSCYCLES, CREMA CYCLES are keeping the spirit alive … and we may hear more from them later this year.


There had been numerous releases of TIRES – some were adaptations form existing 26“ treads, some complete new releases.

Some of them – like SCHWALBE we have already covered (here) – but don´t worry, there are enough news to keep you happy :).

Only when it came to news in WHEELS and SUSPENSION – we found the number of innovations rather slim .. but we found a few good ones to report on.



We are really exited to announce the upcoming testing of two new bikes. Two bikes that had already been introduced, but we think of them as very exciting:

One is the „Almost-Fatbike“ 29er SURLY Krampus and the other is the „real“ test of the FELT Edict NINE – a bike we had briefly ridden before earlier this year (here) and therefore are excited for more trail time.

So much fort his summary and preview if what is to come from us in terms of EUROBIKE ´12 coverage. Tomorrow we get into the details. Stay tuned!