Eurobike 2012: Press Releases- Guitar Ted

It is show time! Our in-box gets slammed with press releases at this time of the year with everything from e-bike stuff to leg shaving cream news. We sorted through this with a very discriminating eye and have whittled down the chaos to a few things we thought you’d be interested in.

Rock Shox Announces 27.5 Reba, SID Forks:

27.5 SID XX

We said it would be coming, and we also figured Eurobike would be where we would hear about this first, seeing as how the riders there are likely not locked into 29″ers yet. Well, be that as it may- here we have news on Rock Shox’s offerings for the “Goldilocks” wheel size.

27.5 SID: This fork will be offered in 120mm travel in the RLT,RL,RCT3, and XX levels. Rock Shox has dedicated lowers, crown design, and a specific crown offset for both this and the Reba 27.5 forks. SID will be offered in 27.5 in four models The forks will have tapered steer tubes, a 15mm Maxle Lite option, and remote lock out options, with the XX model getting the hydraulic lock out version.
27.5 Reba: The Reba is also slated to be offered as a 27.5″er fork, and it will be made available in the RLT and RL levels at the same 120mm travel, tapered steer tube set up as the SID. Options will exist here for 9mm quick release or 15mm Maxle Lite as well.

Both the SID and Reba 27.5 forks will have the following:

  • Colors- Black, White Diffusion Black
  • 32mm stanchions
  • Steer tubes are listed as “Aluminum tapered” only.
  • Motion Control, Dual Flow, and Solo Air technologies.
  • Optional Push Loc Remote.

Weights are as follows: SID- 1630gm and Reba- 1536gm (9mm QR, RL models) Availability is listed as “shipping December” 2012 and pricing will be MSRP $820.00 to $888.00USD for SID and MSRP $673.00USD for the Reba.

Lezyne Announces The “Mega Drive”:

Lezyne's Mega Drive 1000 Lumen LED Light

LED light technologies are taking another leap forward as evidenced by this new Lezyne product introduced at Eurobike. The Mega Drive is listed at 1000 Lumen output with Constant Current technology that keeps the light output at a constant level over a longer period of time. The finned aluminum housing contains a removable battery pack, (extra batteries will be available), and has a USB port for charging.

The Mega Drive will be available in a “Standard” form, (light, USB charging cable, CM handle bar mount), or in the “Loaded” package, (shown at left), which includes the light, USB charging cable, aluminum handle bar mount, extra battery, and the carrying case. Specs include the run times of the 1000 Lumen level called “Blast”, which lasts 1.5hr, the “Enduro” mode said to last 3hrs and lights up things with 500 claimed Lumens, and finally there is an “Economy” mode at 200 Lumens said to last 7 hours.

MSRP is $199.99 for the “Standard” amd $249.99 for the “Loaded” set up.

American Classic For 2013:

American Classic has a bunch of goodies on show at Eurobike, (which I suspect c_g will be digging into, so I’ll go lite here. ;) ), and here is a run down of the mtb pertinent things we know so far:
-New 27.5 wheels- Race, All Mountain, and Terrain models with tubeless capabilities.
-A new rim only offering which has been dubbed “Disc 101″ to be offered in all three mtb wheel sizes.
-A Lefty front hub.
-More through axle retro fit kits and more through axle offerings.
-A 46mm long tubeless valve stem.

And, as you can see from the image, all new branding for the line in silver, black, grey, and white hues.

More as we wade through the show press releases. Also- c_g will have a few specific reports coming from the floor of the 2012 Eurobike. Stay tuned…..