On One Smorgasbord 2.25″ Tires: Out Of The Box- by Guitar Ted

The newest company making treads for 29″ers is also one of the older 29″er frame companies- On One. They hired tire guru, Shiggy, to design their latest line of rubber for 26″ers and 29″ers. We have the first offering dubbed the “Smorgasbord”. It is a 2.25″er, but a wider 2.4″er is also on the way to 29″er riders which will be dubbed the “Chunky Monkey”. For now, let’s take a closer look at the Smorgasbord.

The Smorgasbord is designed to excel in severe conditions, such as are seen in the U.K. winters, or in the Pacific Northwest, where it is often wet, slippery, and rooty and rocky. This is no XC, go-fast, racer boy tire here. A very detailed break down of the tire’s design intentions is given here, so I won’t go into great detail about this. Suffice it to say that this tire’s main purpose is grip.

The Smorgasbord comes in three versions. A wire bead, OE available only model, a “Trail” model with 60TPI casing, single compound, in a folding bead, and the “Trail Extreme”, (tested), which is the folding bead, 60tpi casing with “Eckso” casing reinforcement, and dual 60a/42a tread compound. MSRP is about $42.00 USD a tire for the Trail Extreme. The Trail model is slightly less at $35.00 USD per tire.

On One claims a weight of 850 grams. The two samples I ordered in weigh at 870/860 grams each. Pretty close, so we’ll give On One a “hall pass” on that one. :)

Out Of The Box Impressions: The tires were ordered from the U.K., (we hear the U.S. arm of On One will have them in Portland soon), and came in a big plastic bag with no hang tags or other marketing glitz attached. Hmmm…..weird, but I like it! Nothing to throw away or recycle here. In the hand, the Smorgasbord seems thick and slightly heavy for its size. Would it “measure up” to claimed expectations? On One has let on that they are having these tires made by Maxxis, so they should be of high quality, but my experiences with Maxxis made tires has been varied.

I decided to mount these up tubeless. No…..they are not tubeless rated, but that isn’t too surprising, really. However; the tires seemed worth trying tubeless. I used a Stan’s Flow wheel set specially built for my titanium Mukluk, (see wheel set test here), and they mounted reasonably well, popped on the bead seat easily, and have held air quite nicely so far. Top score for tubeless performance, at least on Stan’s. Probably not a good fit for a UST spec rim, that’s been our experience, at any rate.

Measured after 24 hours at 40psi, the Smorgasbord comes in at 2.28″ wide at the casing and 2.32″ wide at the widest tread block spacing. That’s 57.8mm and 58.9mm for you metric fans out there. Great googly-moogly! A tire that actually is wider than stated out of the box? Nice.

Okay, so this looks like a promising trail tire. Sure- it is on the heavy side for many 2.25″-2.3″ 29″er tires, but if it pays back in durability, there will be many that will be looking at these a bit closer we think. Time will tell there. The tread pattern looks to live up to expectations, so I am hoping for great grip across a wide range of trail conditions. The stiffer casing, due to the “Eckso” sidewall protection, may require some lower pressures, but I’ll play around with that soon.

Note: These On One tires were purchased by Guitar Ted for testing and review. I am not being paid, nor bribed for this review and will strive to give my honest thoughts and opinions throughout.