Surly Bikes Introduces Krampus 29+ Bike-by Guitar Ted

Surly Bikes has just announced a new 29″er, well…..they are calling it “29+”, and it has already created quite a buzz amongst fat bike aficionados and 29″er fans alike. Not much for details has been released yet, but here is what we do know right now.

Image courtesy of Surly Bikes

The Krampus is a bike with 700c wheels and three inch wide “Knard” tires on 50mm wide “Rabbit Hole” rims. While it may strike some as a 700c based “fat bike” idea, Surly is saying no. They are dubbing it “29+”, since the diameter of this wheel will certainly eclipse 29 inches. Here are some details on each component of this “new” platform.

Krampus Frame: 4130 steel construction, horizontal drop outs for single speed or geared use, and traditional 100mm front/135mm rear spacing. The Krampus uses a plate style yoke at the chain stay in conjunction with a 73mm wide traditional bottom bracket to allow for clearance on the Rabbit Hole/Knard rim/tire combo.

Rabbit Hole Rim: A single walled construction, likely similar to the Marge Lite rim, drilled with holes to lighten it up, and features a dual spoke bed. Presumably for offset wheel builds, but the Krampus doesn’t necessitate this. The rims are constructed from 7000 series T6 heat treated aluminum. Weight is a claimed 699 grams each.

Knard Tire: A 29 X 3.0 beast. This represents a new frontier for 700c bead interface tires. For years we at Twenty Nine Inches were told that really big 29 inch tires were not possible due to mold machine constraints in Asian factories. Obviously that issue has been overcome. Surly claims the Knard tire will be available in 27TPI wire beaded and 120TPI folding bead variants. Weight is claimed at 850 grams. (We’re assuming that is for the 120TPI folder)

Image courtesy of Surly Bikes

Surly has given no dates for availability or pricing on any of the components or complete bike as of this posting. That said, Saddle Drive, Quality Bicycle Products’ dealer show is happening now and Surly Bikes is a part of that. We expect to hear some details on the availability and prices as the weekend unfolds.