On One Smorgasbord 2.25″ Tires: On Test- by Guitar Ted

On One may not be a name you would associate with mountain bike tires, but that is something On One is hoping to change with the release of its first 29 inch sized tire called the Smorgasbord.

On One recently acquired the services of Don “Shiggy” Person, who has been a mountain bike tire fanatic for years. It wasn’t long after that news circulated that On One was going to have a line of its own branded mountain bike tires. The first fruits of this collaboration are shown here. This is the Smorgasbord Trail Extreme: folding bead, 60tpi casing with “Eckso” casing reinforcement and dual 60a/42a tread compound.

On One says this about the design intents for the Smorgasbord on their website: Created with UK and Pacific Northwest riding in mind the Smorgasbord offers performance in a wide range of conditions world wide. Unique tread elements for drive and braking grip, directional stability, control, and cornering, and positioned for optimal negative space, work together to create a tire that can take you almost anywhere.

We’ll be putting these tires on one of the test rigs soon and put it through its paces for a while. Look for an “Out Of The Box” post soon where I will be giving some specs on this new tire with my thoughts on set up and more.

Note: These On One tires were purchased by Guitar Ted for testing and review. I am not being paid, nor bribed for this review and will strive to give my honest thoughts and opinions throughout.