Scott Introduces new 900, 700 Series Genius Models- by Guitar Ted

With Information provided by Scott Bicycles

Scott has been working with 29″ers for only a short time, but they have made some well accepted and technically advanced 29″ers in that time already. On the heels of these short term developments comes not only another 29″er model, but also a companion model with 650B/27.5″ wheels. Called the Genius, this series of bicycles has actually existed in 26 inch wheels for 10 years now.

Scott describes the Genius as a “Do It All” trail bike. Their vision for this series of bikes is to develop a bicycle that is the definition of “All Terrain Bicycle”. The “one bike to rule them all”, all around mountain bike. Not a specialist at down hill, nor at going straight up a climb with the goal of highest efficiency and lightest weight possible. The Genius epitomizes what Scott feels a mountain bike should be- a bike that can tackle most anything you throw at it.

Scott also believes that wheel sizes are travel specific due to physical limitations that different wheel sizes impose. So, the 900 series, (29 inch), is focused on 130mm travel while the 700 series, (27.5″), is focused on 150mm travel where Scott feels the slightly smaller diameter doesn’t take away from their longer travel design. Geometries are preserved and the rider is free to choose what benefits most apply to themselves and their particular trails.

Scott Genius 700 w/150mm travel (27.5"er)

Scott Genius 710 w/150mm travel (27.5"er)

The Genius 700 Series:
Scott’s previous Genius model already had 150mm travel suspension, but to improve upon the 26 inch wheels with better roll over and better traction, Scott has adopted the 27.5″er size wheels. These fit into their design for 150mm travel without compromises, yet give the rider a better experience with larger diameter wheels than traditional 26 inch bikes.

Scott Genius 900 w/130mm travel (29"er)

Scott Genius 910 w/130mm travel (29"er)

The Genius 900 Series: Scott feels that 130mm of suspension travel is “the limit” to 29 inch wheel design without compromising geometry. (It is interesting to note that Scott has gone to great lengths to preserve similar geometry between the 700 and 900 series bikes.) Scott feels that an “Any Trail- Any Time” bike with 29″er wheels was called for so they also did the Genius with 29 inch wheels which maximizes the benefits of big wheels.

Frame And Suspension Features: Both model series share similar features which include the following:

-Nude2 compression style shock with “DAS” (dual air spring)The shock uses twin air chambers. In the “Trail” mode of the “Lock Trail Descend” (LTD) settings, the single air chamber is used which allows for less sag and travel which makes the geometry steeper and more agile. When the “Descend” mode is selected the combination of air chambers allows for more sag, more travel, at an engineered spring curve for the full travel mode. Furthermore; the Nude2 shock can be re-positioned at the mount for a steeper seat tube angle which allows those riders wanting a longer seat post extension to do so without negatively affecting effective top tube measurement.

-Twin Loc- Control For Fork And Damper: New for the 2013 model year is the ability to control Lock Trail and Descend for both ends of the bike with one lever. Previously the Twin Loc only controlled air spring chamber settings.

Matched front Suspension: Scott worked closely with partners Rock Shox and Fox to get the damping characteristics to work with the rear shocks and allow a single handle bar mounted control (Twin Loc), to adapt the suspension characteristics to the terrain demands.

-Improved Linkage And Oversized Pivots: Scott designed a new forged link that is sleeker and more “tucked in” to the frame design than before. Also, they have made use of oversized pivots throughout which are also spaced wider than before for improved rigidity. To further enhance lateral stability, a seat stay bridge has been added to the new Genius frames as well. The link also features adjustable geometry by way of a shock mount chip. Simply flip the chip to either mounting position to affect the bottom bracket height and head tube angle by 6mm 0.4 degrees. There is also an optional ISCG adapter which allows the usage of a chain retention device. Of course, and anti-chainsuck plate is also standard.

“IMP” Carbon Frame Technology: The new Genius frames are now molded with IMP technology and tapered head tubes with Press fit, (BB 92 ), bottom brackets further reduce weight. Cables are internally routed. A seat post size of 31.6mm is now used. Rear brake mount is direct. The IDS-SL drop outs support three axle standards. (142x12mm, 135x12mm and 135x10mm QR)

We’ll have more coming on these bikes in the future as c_g plans on taking a closer look at Eurobike where he hopes to get rides on these new carbon full suspension bikes. Stay tuned for more then….