CANYON Presents 2013 CF SLX Carbon Hardtail 29″ers- by c_g

2013,and the news continues. We have wondered several times why we have not had news of the CANYON 29″ers , which had already been shown at Eurobike’11. Here they are – we were not personally at the product launch, but can still serve you with some of the images and information.

As you may have known, we were already at the Demo Day, rode the aluminum 29er, the Grand Canyon AL29, (the ride report is here), and saw the prototype in carbon (Alban Lakata’s bike). Now the carbon bike is approaching the production stage. A delivery of the direct shipper CANYON to customers is to take place after the fall EUROBIKE’12.

The Carbon 29″er is based on the same Race oriented geometry for 100mm forks, like the AL29″er, and is very high in torsional stiffness, It is also said to be a good long-distance comfort design hard tail. These often cited objectives of modern hard tails reached the CANYON CF SLX 29 by special, different technologies, (which were already partially in the aluminum version of the bike.):

– A low massive head tube area, (tapered- naturally), with an integrated headset.
– The elaborately shaped “Maximus seat tube” with a very broad support on the bottom bracket and direct mount front derailleur with a press-fit bottom bracket.
– The VCLS seat stays (“Vertically Compliant Seat Stays”) with asymmetric chain stays to maximize the chain ring and tire clearance.
– The X-12 rear axle (142/12 mm)
– AM-brake bosses
– Internally routed cables- (Also for a dropper seat post)

As for the Geometry, Canyon translated it to well-proven 29″er angles, and built the wheelbase on the compact side. (see geometry chart)

The new carbon frames have a respectable weight below 1100 g (size M) and the special feature IPU (“Impact Protection Unit”). This special feature is an screwed on steering arrester,(with break away bolts), which prevents the handle bars from turning too far and thereby damaging the frame.

CANYON Product Manager M. Staab has told us that on the Carbon-framework three different carbon fibers are used as well as types of linear fibers, which are woven in a very complicated layup. These are combined – depending on the combination of characteristics desired- for self-damping (HE) fibers, for stiffness (UHM fibers), or for the resistance to fracture ( HS fibers) at particular locations specified. For example, the very long UHM fibers are along the top tube to the head tube. The torsional stiffness is maximized at the seat tube and in the down tube by opposing helix structures.

Unique to CANYON is a computer tomograph used to format the frame before it is subjected to meaningful quality control. As a result of all these efforts CANYON developed the best frame with characteristics of torsional stiffness for a 29″er hard tail.

There will be frames offered in two color variants In black / white (with red accents) and one in team finish (black / bright green). Currently four models based on the Carbon framework are planned – each with 15 mm thru-axle front, 180 mm discs (front and rear), 700 mm wide handlebars, and two-speed chain set combos. In addition the top versions will get the ’13 Mavic 29″er wheels ( The others receive the DT SWISS XX_Version Tricons) For the exact specs- see the pictures below.