DT Swiss Tricon 29″er Wheels: Mid-Term- by c_g

– If you need to refresh about the technologies and features involved in the TRICON 29″er wheelset- see here.
– The first detailed riding impressions can be found here

The test wheels have been mounted on the ROCKY MOUNTAIN element 970 test rig since the beginning and there have completed hundreds of kilometers of testing under various conditions. Everything from bitter cold, muddy wet, to pleasant spring weather.

This new for 2012 LRS by DT is based on the revolutionary TRICON hub and lacing technology (30 straight spokes, partly crossed and partly radial, with a special hub design). What to some may appear as a optical tuning to prove marketing efforts, (we admittedly had these thoughts as well), has proven it worth in our test so far with very good success. Although the wheels still face the criticism of having a somewhat narrow rim- (19.5 mm internal rim width – but tubeless and completely UST compatible), continuing riding and direct comparisons with other wheel sets have shown that the TRICON 29″ers are among the stiffest and most direct, we ever rode … Definitely when it comes to aluminum rimmed wheels.

And the precision is not at the expense of overall ride quality: Although not the lightest (1800 g for the set), they feel quite nimble and pleasingly light during accelerating (no XC-race speed, but close enough). Despite the stiffness they still take off the edge of hits and hard blows from the ground effectively and feel overall very good. Although I’m admittedly a fan of standard laced wheel sets, the very direct feel and and excellent performance of the TRICON wheels continues to impress me … and helps me to cope more easily with the rather high price tag.

Currently I’m somewhat torn in my opinion of the TRICON 29″er wheels:
If you total all rational on the LRS and would let only the bare numbers speak, then it would be a bit too narrow, a little too heavy and too expensive … But if we set all figures aside and simply go by the riding impressions (admittedly a privilege that few have as we do), then things look different. If it were just about the ride and handling (or “performance”), then the TRICON 29″er wheels would be in the front row of our favor. In this case it is true that the numbers only tell part of the story – for now, we almost agree with what the guys (and gals) from DT say about the TRICON wheels – they simply bring out the best in any 29″er bike.

So far, no defects, service requirements or discrepancies that would leave me in doubt about the top quality of the wheels. The further testing will show.

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