SCHWALBE 2013 Product News – Rocket Ron II and 650b- by c_g

Recently we have introduced to you the product news’13 by DT-SWISS (here) – now it is the turn of German tire manufacturer SCHWALBE (or more precisely: Ralf Bohle GmbH). The company was founded in 1973 and in recent years has become one of the leading brands in the bicycle tire market … all with the simple mission statement (by Ralf Bohle) “to produce the best bicycle tires“. While the development, marketing department, management, and part of the logistics are located in Germany, the entire production takes place at a site in Indonesia.

Already for 2012 SCHWALBE has expanded its range and now offers all of the best selling tread designs in the 29er format as well – including the 2012er new designs, such as the Racing Ralph 2.0 Tubular (soon to be here in the test) or the Hans Dampf 2.35 (currently in testing).

… but now for the NEWS:

Rocket Ron:
The big news for 2013 is a revised version of the Rocket Ron. Compared to the current model they have changed the block arrangement in the central tread slightly, reducing rolling resistance of this already fast tire by a claimed 15%. They have also optimized the shape of the knobs (now with three fine grooves, instead of the central depression as before) and increased the side knobs support to improve cornering stability on hard surfaces.

In addition, they improved the tire in relation to its tubeless properties by optimizing the tire side walls. This is done to keep the compound distributed more evenly thus reducing the number of air-permeable pores, which have occasionally caused some issues with the current design when converted tubeless.

Here again the visual comparison, between the current version (left) and the revised version ’13er (right):

Of course, with SCHWALBE tires 650b is an important topic and therefore the new Rocket Ron will come in that new middle format, too – as well as other bestselling models Racing Ralph, Hans Dampf, Nobby Nic and Rapid Rob .

Another positive change: The Performance Series will receive the upgrade of a Compound tread for 2013, which makes them even better value.

There is one negative news also when it comes to 29″er: For 2013, the Racing Ralph in 2.4 width will be erased from the range – whoever likes them, be forewarned.

So much for the 2013 29″er news from SCHWALBE – tomorrow we will continue with our riding impressions of the DT-Swiss XR 1450 SPLINE 29ers wheels, the new SCHWALBE Rocket Ron all on the STÖCKLI Beryl Carbon RS 29 hardtail.


ps: While not available for 29″ers (yet ), SCHWLABE head of product management Markus Hachmeyer has developed a “Super Gravity” edition of the HANS Dampf as a all new genre super-lightweight (<1000 g) DH tire. By its special design, incorporating of very stiff and well supported sidewall and a more flexible tread and the Tubeless Ready properties it is claimed to save up to 800 g compared to a conventional DH tires (with tube). The above picture shows a cut section of the existing Hans Dampf (left), the Muddy Mary (DH than conventional tires, middle) and the new “Super Gravity” Hans Dampf (right).