DREAM BIKE: Sebastian Roth’s Cannondale Flash custom race bike with a record-breaking weight: with Intro by c_g and described for us by Sebastian Roth

Hello all, here is the presentation of a real 29″er dream come true. At the time of Eurobike´11 we unfortunately have missed this bike specifically built for the show with a weight of just 6.72 kg (that is 14.8 lbs ;) – including a suspension fork and is a fully trail worthy show bike. Sebastian Roth, ex-pro trials rider and weight weenie expert with Cannondale was kind enough to give us some pictures and details on this ultimate lightweight dream bike.

Thank you for this!

But now, without further notice – some high-end musings (by Sebastian R.)

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Following my theme with annually building a lightweight bike project I got started again this winter in tinkering with a beautiful CANNONDALE Flash. These projects, which show what is currently possible in bike building are much more than feasibility studies. They are a real motivation for the industry. Without such projects they would not be building sub 6 kg road bikes despite them being below the UCI limit. In my projects, it’s not about borderline and reckless gram counting, but reasonable reduction of the weight. Safety is important.

29″ers are terrific, everyone here knows this, but they also have weaknesses such as the poorer acceleration. And I wanted to deal with this on my specific design bike. For this reason, the focus first of all has been on the construction of the wheels. Here I wanted to build a wheel set with the lowest possible inertia for good acceleration, but still sufficient lateral stiffness and natural strength and durability.

Since I had laced quite a few 29er wheels in the past, my choice of rims was clear: A set of 28 hole Tubular ENVE rims. The ENVE rims really cannot be compared with any manufacturer … a top product. For the spokes it had to be the Superspoke by Sapim / Tune, because the rotating mass had to be so small.

Those parts combined with the Tune Prince / Cannonball SL hub created a master wheel set and came away with flying colors.

Since with 29″ers tubular tires still are exotic and choices are limited – after some research I came across a firm called TUFO. In fact it was c_g who pointed me towards the Tufo XC2 PLUS (Note: a complete review of the tire by C_G here.).

In frame and fork it is obvious that I went for a Cannondale Lefty fork and Flash frame.

Since this bike was designed to be raced hard I didn’t have to look too long for the best drive train parts and went for a complete Sram XX group, including the all new World Cup brakes – nothing beat them in terms of weight and function.

For the cranks, the choice fell on proven CANNONDALE SI combined with Tune chain rings, stiff and simply great!

For the handlebars and post I went for the fantastic products by Stefan Schmolke. Stefan has many years of experience working at the cutting edge of carbon technology and monitors his products at 100% – no safety risking there! The saddle is a TUNE Concorde which has served me well for the past years with no problems whatsoever. My butt probably suits the shape so well stressing only the right places :).

The bike is really very NICE and is holding up well under my riding even after a few thousand km – all only 6.72 kg.

(The images were of course taken in new condition.)


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p.s: The price of this dream bike is not stated here, with such a bike it is beyond reasoning … and really: Dreams don´t have to be justified, do they.