Here is a potpourri of miscellaneous material we wanted to share from Interbike 2011. Check it out……

interbike final day 2011 036

The Pivot 429 received a few updates for 2012. You can see the tapered head tube right off here.

interbike final day 2011 037

A wee bit of carbon showing up here now. Pivot just introduced a 26″er carbon full suspension frame. Makes one wonder if that will translate to bigger wheels someday…..

interbike final day 2011 038

Pivot claims the redesigned frame has lost a half a pound in weight over the older version.

interbike final day 2011 039

Like many full suspension 29″ers, the Pivot Mach 429 has a new 142mm X 12mm rear through axle. Look for a comprehensive test on this bike coming later in the year. (We know we promised many of you a ride report, but we’re holding off until we can get the Mach 429 in for some extended rides. Stay tuned!)

interbike final day 2011 051

VooDoo is still running the Canzo, (priced at $899.00 USD for the frame these days), which has always been a solid, budget full suspension 29″er. The design is getting a bit long in the tooth though, so look for mtb legend Joe Murray to re-work this one for 2013. We expect it will sport many of the features we’re getting used to seeing on full suspension 29″ers when Joe does get it freshened up.


As mentioned, Raleigh has expanded the Talus aluminum line up for 2012. This is the base level Talus 29 with Acera components and Hayes mechanical disc brakes. It has taken a few years, but the sub-grand category of 29″ers is really fleshing out now.


Jamis Bicycles remains one of the only companies doing a higher end steel hard tail. Here we see the 2012 Dragon Sport 29, which is one of the rare bikes to see a Manitou fork spec for 2012. Their is also a level higher spec with the Dragon Race 29, and a 650B Dragon steel hard tail as well, which is spec’ed with the excellent White Brothers Loop 650B specific fork.


Jamis also still has the Exile series, now rendered in heavily formed aluminum. This is the mid-level spec Exile Comp.


Jamis has two carbon hard tails now spec’ed with PressFit 30 bottom brackets and the new Geax Mezcal race tires.


P1030879And one last bike from the Outdoor Demo that we need to make special mention of. This is the Cielo Mountain 29″er, which we reviewed the predecessor of here. I liked the way it handled, but the first edition had some limited tire clearances, and I wasn’t too big on the slider drop outs it had, which I thought weren’t very practical. Well, Jay Sycip and Chris de Stefano of Cielo sat down and made some plans to change the things I mentioned as negatives in my review. Here is the result of that.

Instead of straight stays, Jay implemented these “S” bend stays to give the tire clearance a boost, and keep the heels from striking the frame as you ride the bike. Unfortunately, this precluded using the little beveled seat stay cap with the Cielo logo, but for more tire clearance, it was a small price to pay.

The bike was set up as a 1 X 10 with a burly looking carbon fork from Syncros. Much different looking now then the old Cielo 29″er, but probably a lot more versatile and should fit a slightly larger tire than before.


Jay then went to work on the adjustment to tension a chain for single speed and came up with this really unusual drop out design. I must say, it looks really trick, and sano on this frame now. I said back last year about the older version of this bike: “This frame deserves to be tweaked to allow for proper sized tires to be stuffed between those elegant chain stays. If it gets this adjustment in the future, I will gladly give it my recommendo.” Well, they did just that. So there ya go guys. You get my recommendo now! Cheers Cielo!

Interbike coverage is coming to a close. A couple more posts or so. Hang on! We’ve got a ton of reviews and new stuff waiting in the wings for you! Stay tuned…………