It has been awhile since we have directed you to our sister site, The Cyclist , but we’ve been busy over on that side as well. If you are not familiar with The Cyclist, it is where we take a look at everything that isn’t 29″er related. (Here’s our last Recommendo post, in case you missed that.) Check out these latest posts and more…..

High End Bib Shorts Shoot-out: Grannygear gets into some bibs and tests rides them for your reading pleasure. The shoot-out includes bibs from Craft, Ibex, and two models from Specialized. Check it all out here on the The Cyclist’s Reviews Page.

Hayes Prime Brake Review: Grannygear covered the Hayes Prime Brake in our last Recommendo listing with an introductory post on the installation. Now comes the full on trail review. Hayes Prime brakes are the latest hydraulic brake offering from Hayes Brakes, and have a ton of adjustability. Do they hold up under trail riding conditions? Find out here in our review. P6040660_400px

When Things Go Flat… Probably a cyclist’s biggest pet peeve is flat tires. If you are still in the “Yes Tubes” category, or even if you want a nice pump to top off tires with, or use as a backup to a tubeless system, you might be interested in the next article in our Recommendo.

racerocketmt_slTopeak has introduced its “Race Rocket” line of mini-pumps which we got to review. Grannygear got the “roadie” pump, and Guitar Ted got the fatter, mountain bike pump to try out. These metal and rubber wonders were put through their paces here for you to go check out.

Cover Those Paws! Gloves are a mountain biker’s friend out there in the rough stuff. When you go down, (and let’s face it, we all go down and case it from time to time.), you want those mitts on so you don’t scrape up your hands. How about wiping away sweat? Or a runny nose? Yeah….gloves can be nice then too. But gloves can also be a pain….literally. So, Grannygear and I got to test these Answer Fall Line gloves recently. gloves_cover

They are full fingered, off-road type gloves. Great for mountain biking? Well, go here and check out our take on these important pieces of mountain biking kit.

An Updated Take On The Vittoria Kicks: I have been beating up on a pair of mountain bike shoes lately from Vittoria. While the name “Vittoria” may not be the first you think of when shopping for mountain biking shoes, you may want to throw that name into the mix next time you are looking for some shoes for off road adventures.
impact shoes

I have an updated take now on these shoes which have braved mud, wet, rocks, dust, and more. You can check out the latest on this long term test here on The Cyclist.

Upcoming On The Cyclist: That’s all we have for your reading pleasure right now, but stay tuned to The Cyclist for these posts coming up soon: We’ll have the latest on Spy Optic’s return to performance eyewear with a review of a couple of their latest models. We’ll also be updating you on the Specialized Command Post we talked about in our last Recommendo post. More gloves too! We get the latest Ergon gloves made to work with their grips. We’ll have a word or two about Shelter impact protection tape, and finally, we should be starting a long term test on Connex chain as well.

As always, thanks for reading The Cyclist and Twenty Nine Inches!