Maybe you know our “sister site”, The Cyclist, but perhaps you don’t. Well, if you fall into the category of those that don’t know, we are pretty busy over there testing a lot of non-29?er related parts and gear. We thought it’d be nice to point out some of our recent gear reviews for riders of 29?ers since ya’all ride mountain bikes. Mountain bikers need more than just 29?er bikes, and that’s where our sister site fits into all this.

Specialized Blacklite Command Post: Specialized Bicycles has had the Command Post in the line up for a bit now, but they have a newer version which has several improvements. Grannygear already has one and I’ll be testing one as well very soon. Check out Grannygear’s post here for all the details and also for a short description from Specialized’s own Nic Sims in a video clip included with the post.

Grannygear and I will be posting updates throughout the summer on how the Command Post works in with our styles of riding. You can either keep checking back on The Cyclistsite, or look for a link to future updates on the Command Post here in the Recommendo section.

Hayes “Prime” Brakes Install:
Grannygear got one of the first Hayes Prime brake sets to install and use on his “Project Long Legs” Specialized rig. These are Hayes’ all new design brakes that are available in a couple different levels and promise tool free adjustment of the reach and “dead stroke” while you are riding, if you should want to. Read Grannygear’s introductory post here where he details out the brakes and gives a description of what it took for him to install these brakes on the Project long Legs bike.

More information and updates will be coming up through the summer, so stay tuned to The Cyclistsite, or look for a future update here in the Recommendo section.

Cyclistsite test4-11 003
A’ME Heated Mountain Bike Grips:
Although North Americans and Europeans are transitioning into warmer weather, this is something you might want to keep on your radar for the colder months coming later in the year. I got the chance to check out these heated mountain bike grips by long time grip maker, A’ME. These are lock on type grips with special circuitry inside the grips which is powered by a high tech, Lithium Polymer battery pack.

These trick grips actually work pretty well. Check out the details in my report in the Reviews section of The Cyclistsite.

vittoriatestmay 001
Vittoria “Impact” Mountain Bike Shoes:
While Vittoria may not be a brand name you think of in reference to shoes, (This is a different Vittoria- not the tire maker), perhaps you might want to file them in the mix for your next shoe purchase. I have recently received a pair of their mid-range “Impact” models to check out and they are pretty impressive out of the box. I’ll be using these as my primary mountain biking shoes throughout the summer months in a wide range of conditions, so look for updates on the Cyclistsite, or wait for the Recommendo link later in the year.

In the meantime, you can check out my introductory post on these shoes and read about what the Impact model has to offer.

That’s it for this round of “Recommendo”. Look for future updates on the products mentioned here, and more, on The Cyclistsite.