Maybe you know our “sister site”, The Cyclist, but perhaps you don’t. Well, if you fall into the category of those that don’t know, we are pretty busy over there testing a lot of non-29?er related parts and gear. We thought it’d be nice to point out some of our recent gear reviews for riders of 29?ers since ya’all ride mountain bikes. Mountain bikers need more than just 29?er bikes, and that’s where our sister site fits into all this.


Lately we have been delving into the growing “bikepacking’ craze, but have found that the gear to do it with is, ah………spendy! We thought that there had to be a cheaper way into this adventure, so Grannygear came up with the idea of Bikepacking The Dirtbag Way, which is a series of articles exploring the idea. The latest is on Grannygear’s own seatbag invention.

torquewrench 001

With today’s lightweight accessories and components, using a torque wrench has become more important than ever before. Warranties can be voided by not using a torque wrench upon installation of some components, and worse, serious injury or death could result by not adhering to torque specifications. Take a look at this article which also introduces the Topeak “D-Torq” wrench.


We like protecting our eyes while we ride and we like to look good- (well… well as we possibly can look good!), while doing it. Here we take a look at a couple of Gargoyles eye wear models in The Cyclistsite’s Review Section.


Syncros is a brand entrenched in the history of mountain biking. They are still around and still making great components too. Grannygear takes a look at some swank new Syncros components in The Review Section here.

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