It has been a while since my last posting on the Goat Horns Bar by Mountain Goat, but I wanted to give these bars a fair test, and with so much going on here at Twenty Nine Inches, well, it just took longer than I thought it would!

osblackbucksept 002

Here’s the OS Bikes Blackbuck as it looks today. I’ve made some changes, but you might notice that the Goat Horns stayed put. That’s because all the things I mentioned in the First Impressions post for these still rings true. Besides that, the sweep, which is 10 degrees, seems to be working out fine for me as well.

blackbuck2010-005-500x375The bars are still shiny, and have been problem free throughout. No grip slippage, no twisting on the steer tube- Just what you’d expect from a quality set of handlebars with a stem attached. I appreciated the balance of stiffness and strength in the single speed application. It does get to you after awhile if you have a stiff front fork, higher tire pressures, or a stiff frame to boot. I’d recommend a fat front tire run at a reasonably low pressure or a suspension fork for this handle bar. No real give to accommodate comfort in that respect was felt with the Goat Horns.

Conclusions: If you are a fan of the early days of mountain biking, like chrome, or just like a different look, the Goat Horns are great. However; you will have to live with your stem length at 95mm, and your bar sweep at 10 degrees. No swapping to fine tune a set up here! You get what you get in that respect. I didn’t use any shifters, but there is plenty of room for that stuff on the Goat Horns. Solid construction and well balanced in symmetry, (at least my example was), the Goat Horns are a reliable component that should last for years. A pretty decent value for the asking price of MSRP $60.00.

There is a titanium version of the Goat Horns that does allow for a choice of stem lengths, (all 100mm or longer), and cost significantly more at MSRP $425.00 (Not tested) See more details here.

Note: The Goat Horns were provided to Twenty Nine Inches at no charge for review. We are not being paid or bribed for this review. We will strive to give our hones opinions throughout.