In a stunner that probably no one saw coming, (unless you were on the inside), Gary Fisher Bikes has been “absorbed” in a marketing sense by Trek more fully. Now called the “Gary Fisher Collection”, the line of Gary Fisher bikes is now found on Trek’s website and not only that, but the bikes will have Trek head badges and “Trek” in an outline font on the down tubes of many of the bikes. Here’s an example with the Rumblefish II (click on image to enlarge)

Update: We have learned now that Gary Fisher Bikes no longer exists as a brand. It will now be a model line within Trek’s offerings. More on the story can be found here.

Okay, so much for the marketing angle, what about the bikes? Well, the highlights include another model added to each of the carbon bikes from 2010, so two Superfly and two superfly 100 models with different spec. A new aluminum hard tail frame debuts, the Rig goes to sliders, more lower priced 29″ers, women specific models, and finally, the ultimate shop rat employee purchase bike, the Sawyer. Here are some highlights:

superfly100elite_grayblack superflyelite_blackwhite

Here we have the “elite” Superfly models which will be spec’ed with top of the line components. There will be lower spec’ed alternatives in both flavors as well. Total of two Superfly 100’s and two Superfly hard tails with the Superfly single speed offered as a frameset once again.


Here we have the Paragon which debuts a new frame featuring the E2 steerer and press fit bottom bracket just like the carbon Superfly.


The X-Cal is back (top) with an added WSD choice (bottom). WSD is Trek’s woman’s specific design line. There will also be a Mamba WSD 29″er as well for MSRP $879.99


In single speed news, the Rig is back, (top) with sliders instead of the traditional eccentric the model has been offered with previously. There will now also be a less expensive alternative in the Marlin Single Speed, which also uses sliders and will retail at $599.99!


The Fisher Collection by Trek will also offer this Marlin geared bike fot the same $599.99, which is the lowest priced 29″er now offered by Trek/Fisher, (Or whatever we’re supposed to call these bikes now!)


While all the above bikes are cool, the one that made my heart go “pitter-patter” was this one. The Sawyer, which is described on the website as the model that “celebrates 10 years of Gary Fisher creating 29ers”, is a steel framed cruiser bike that will come geared but has sliding drops much like the ones used on the Rig and Marlin single speed bikes. My prediction? This will be a very, very hard to get bike! Shop rats will be “EP-ing” this bike in droves. The Sawyer will retail for $1429.99. (Did ya catch the “29” in the price? No co-incidence, I am sure!)

We’ll have more on this ground breaking development in the days to come and more on the bikes as well. Stay tuned!