Yeah, yeah………we’re barely into 2010 and here we are posting about 2011 stuff already! I know, but don’t blame the messenger. Here is a sneak peek at a couple of bikes Giant is bringing to market in the sub-grand category. This is a category I felt would be fleshed out three years ago, but it hasn’t, with very few players in under a $1000.00 with a complete geared 29″er offering. Sure, there are single speeds, but these Giants are more of what I had in mind here.

(Image sent in by a reader, apparently from a Giant catalog)

Giant is calling this one the “Talon 29er 1″. It features a hydro-formed aluminum “Alux” frame with a special SR “Raidon 29″ suspension fork made for Giant. The fork features a 15QR Giant branded hub and lock out with 100mm travel. Other highlights include SRAM X-5 shifting, Giant “ROOT” hydraulic brakes, and an “average retail price” of $975.00. The bike will come in four sizes, Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large. Geometries match those of the XTC 29″er line up with approximately 70.5 head tube angles mated up with 73 degree seat tube angles on the small sizes and slacker as the sizing gets bigger to 72 degrees.

(Image sent in by a reader, apparently from a Giant catalog)

The Talon 29er 2 features the same hydro-formed Alux frame technology as the Talon 29er 1, but drops the 9 speed to 8 speed and SRAM X-4 shifting. The fork is another, special for Giant, SR unit called the “XTC 29″ and features lockout with 100mm travel. Other salient features to note are the Hayes MX-4 mechanical disc brakes, Maxxis CrossMark tires, and the retail price which again is listed as “average retail price” at $750.00.

The Talon 29er 2 comes in the same size range and geometries as its up-spec’ed sister in the line.

You can expect a slew of Giant branded parts on these two bikes, but this shouldn’t be a surprise at the price points these bikes are projected to come in at. It looks as though the “horsepower” Giant weilds in the industry is going to benefit the sub-grand category in a big way for the 2011 season. We also expect Giant to be introducing a full suspension 29″er at Sea Otter next week which is rumored to be something based upon the Maestro platform. So it looks as though Giant will be expanding its line of 29″er offerings in a big way on both ends of the pricing spectrum. Stay tuned for more.