Twenty Nine Inches got a hold of a sneak peek photo last December of the special 853 Reynolds tubed “Hodala” XXIX frame and we now have obtained some further information regarding this rare model.


The frame idea was the brainchild of Raleigh marketing and brand manager, Brian Fornes who came up with the graphics idea and had the frames made in a very limited number to support a grassroots single speed-centric team known as the Raleigh Factory Riders. Currently there are no plans afoot to make this available to the public, but Brian said, “…….. I think we could be easily convinced if there was enough interest.”

“To the bottom!”

Brian also gave us the backround on the name “Hodala” and how to interpret the graphics. “Hodala is a drinking cheer used by our overseas vendors. It literally means “to the bottom” which seems appropriate not only for putting one back…but for riding/racing your bike. As it always feels good to drain yourself and leave absolutely everything on the trail. I’ve started a small “race team” called Hodala here in the PacNW. It’s primarily a squad of SSCX riders, that also hop on SS MTB, do some track with a touch of road splashed in there…so it’s almost all SS. The focus is fun…and trying to lighten the mood at any events we attend and try and make the sport a little more approachable.”

Think you’d like one of these? Well, start pestering your local Raleigh dealer. As Brian said, if he hears enough from dealers and individuals that want this, it could become a reality. We have no idea how much this might run, or if it got the green light, when you could get it. We do know that the 853 Raleigh XXIX Pro rides really nice. So we also expect the single speed version would be equally as nice in that respect.

Stay tuned for any further updates…………

Twenty Nine Inches would like to thank Brian Fornes for the images here and for contributing to this report.