Editors Note: Yeah, yeah…..another year end review! Tis the season! So, here are my favorite things that have passed through the Twenty Nine Inches review process during the past year. I want to point out a few parameters that I used for what I chose here.

1. The product had to be in the review process during the time period of December 2008 through to the end of November 2009. Reviews that are currently in process I did not include and will be eligible for my 2010 Top Ten list.

2. They had to be products or bicycles that I personally used during this period. Nothing any of the other Twenty Nine Inches staff reviewed on their own could be considered for my list. This list doesn’t necessarily reflect the opinions of anyone but me, Guitar Ted.

3. The reviewed products were provided to Twenty Nine Inches at no charge for review. I was not paid or bribed for this review. I will give/gave my honest opinion or thoughts through out.

That said, let’s get on with this……

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Number Ten: Specialized 29″er Tires: Specialized sent us (Grannygear and I) a few models of Specialized 2Bliss 29″er tires for testing back at the end of 2008. Although Specialized came to the table late with rubber for wagon wheelers, these treads impressed. I reviewed The Captain 2.2″ers, the Eskar 2.3″ers, and the svelte Fast Trak LK’s in a 2.0″ width.

Why They Made The List: Specialized tires have a high reputation for performance over the years. Would the 29″er sizes measure up? Well, in a word- “yes”. The varied selections we tested covered a wide range of applications and the fact that they can be run “2Blis” was a definite bonus, which helped place the tires on the 2009 Top Ten List. Not only that, but several models are available in different casing constructs, which is a rarity in tires for wagon wheelers. I liked that you can use the tires on different tubeless wheels like Bontrager’s TLR rims/strips, Stan’s wheels, and Specialized’s own Roval wheels with their blue “Stan’s-like” strips.

My Two Cents: Specialized 29″er tires, love the company or hate it, are hands down some of the best tires for wagon wheelers you can buy. The varied selection in tread styles and casing constructions is a huge plus that other tire lines would do well to take notice of. If chosen correctly for the terrain, Specialized tires hold their own and in many cases excel over the competition. If you consider that all this has been accomplished in the span of just a few years, it is even more amazing. Of the tires tested, my favorite was the all rounder, The Captain. That said, all three models tested were top notch treads and came in very close to, or right at claimed widths and weights. A very refreshing thing. Specialized 29″er tires: Your Number Ten on the 2009 Top Ten List!

Stay tuned for Number Nine on the Top Ten 29″er Products of ’09 list and don’t forget to throw in your choice for a Reader’s Choice award by reading this post and voting.