Recently a leak occurred on which let the world in on a rumor that I have been privvy to since last spring regarding Salsa Cycles dabbling in titanium. The possibility of a titanium El Mariachi was part of that conversation. Now it has been “officially” confirmed by Salsa Cycles.


The Salsa Cycles “Amigos Blog” had this to say:

We’ve been riding ti prototypes for a year. In fact, Joe Meiser won Trans Iowa last year on a titanium prototype. And for those still longing for a new steel El Mariachi and Ala Carte, we are still working on those too. Tooling for our proprietary steel tubes is almost complete.

Last but not least, for all my single speeding friends that panicked and emailed me yesterday because the one leaked picture they saw wasn’t single speed compatible, we haven’t forgotten about single speeding. Please find peace knowing we are working on it and please remember that we like to ride single speed too. The first ones won’t be ti, but after that who knows?

For pricing, finish, graphics, spec, availability, ordering, details, etc, you will have to just wait until we can properly release the information. Monday or Tuesday of next week, we’ll share pricing and ordering details.

Over the next week and building up to an official dealer viewing at Frostbike (February), we will be sharing bits of information and sneak peeks here on the blog. Who knows, if you are in the right place at the right time you just might see some of it out being ridden and tested….In fact I bet you already have.

Until then, we are going to keep working on all these projects. Thanks for all your time today and I hope you enjoyed the post. I know I did!

Ride & Smile!


So, until we can get further info on all the new Salsa Goodness, we will just have to stare longingly at these photos…….or go out and play in the snow!

Stay tuned!