While many just can not wrap their heads around 36 inch wheels, and think the whole idea is silly, it just doesn’t seem to go away. Case in point: This sano titanium 36″er from Kaos Custom Bikes from down under in Australia.


Andy from Kaos Custom Bikes sent us the following specs on the bike:

The tyres are Nightriders from Unicycle.com as are the Stealth rims.
They are fitted up tubeless using a selection of tape, Stans NoTubes sealant, and bolt in valves
from car wheels.
Removal of the tube saves 600g. The hubs are Hope. the rear is a Pro II single speed fitted with 6 cogs
from a Sram cassette. The group set is SRAM Select with the 2 smallest rings fitted on the front.
Brakes are the new Avid Elixer 5 fitted to Hope rotors. The rotors are 183mm from M4 down hill brakes.
All the tubes in the frame are Straight gauge .9mm wall.
The fork is 35mm legs with 1.5mm wall tubes

Andy claims the bike rides like a dream on the rear wheel.

Like most 36″ers, there is a bit of flex going on. Andy concurs with this saying, “It is a bit flexy when out of the saddle but fine when seated or on the back wheel.
Rides great on the back wheel.”
Andy also chimes in with what probably is the number one attribute of riding a 36″er- you get noticed- a lot! Andy says, “For the moment it is really great fun and turns heads big time. Its one of those “mobile phone salute” bikes.” Andy also tells us to look for more on the Kaos Custom Bikes site soon on the 36″er.

Interesting to note that this one has tubeless wheels which I would imagine ups the roll ability of the 36″er dramatically. I have only ridden tubed 36″ers and they can be a chore to get going in part due to the rolling resistance of the tire/tube combination and the weight. Getting 600 grams out of the tires has to help a bit!

Andy tells us this won’t be the last one that Kaos Custom Bikes does either saying, “This is the first one and the next will likely have 1.5mm tubes all round and some other detail changes. Its been a long time since I built my first uni wheel and got the idea.” We’ll have to wait to see more, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see someone else pushing the limits of 36″er technology soon. There just seems to be something there that grabs the imagination of some folks. Whatever it is, it is fun to check out.