The North American Handmade Bicycle Show just concluded and the awards were handed out Sunday for some absoulutely incredible bicycles. Amongst them was a 29″er. The “People’s Choice Award” for the show went to second time winner Sam Whittington of Naked Bicycles for his full suspension big wheeler. Here’s the full text from the NAHBS blog:

Naked Bicycles from British Columbia once again won the heart of the NAHBS crowd.
Wooden components are used for the seat post, hand grips and pedals, and the frame features particular curves that builder Sam Whittingham states he has a liking for. “Bicycles should be more feminine as it softens their lines”, he says.
The Mountain bike uses the 29″ wheel, which Whittingham says is well suited to the BC riding conditions.

Naked Bicycles 29
If you want one like it, figure on about $18,000 or so.

The design used FSA head sets for main pivot bearings and Chris King’s new “Inset” as a head set proper. The rims were also wood construction as well as the other components mentioned in the NAHBS quote above. The bike featured nickle plating of various frame components and suspension pieces. In a sort of ironic twist, the bike featured Avid mechanical disc brakes, the rear unit being operated by a cable which pierced through the seat stay.

Twenty Nine Inches would like to congratulate all the award winners from the 2009 NAHBS and a special tip of the hat goes to this outstanding custom 29″er.

Editor’s Note: Picture credit: NAHBS. For more pictures and information about the North American Handmade Bicycle Show, go to the official website.