One of the classiest looking 29″er frame sets I have seen is the Singular Cycles Swift model. Unfortunately, since Singular is based in the U.K., you couldn’t grab one of these fine 4130 ChroMo sleds here in the U.S. of A.

Singular Cycles
Picture: Singular Cycles

Now that’s all about to change as The Prairie Pedaler, a bicycle shop located in Prairie DuChein, Wisconsin, has signed on to become the exclusive dealer in the U.S.A. of Singular Cycles frame sets. Shop owner, Marty Larson tells us that build kits will also be available to set up any Singular Swift, Peregrine, Gryphon, or Hummingbird and have it shipped to your door as an option too. Marty expects frame and forks to arrive in late May.

The prices for these frames have yet to be determined here, but we are told that they will be “very reasonable”. Each frame set will be supplied with a matching rigid fork, or a suspension fork can be substituted as an option. Each Singular frame is made with an eccentric bottom bracket and comes loaded with a shiny Phil Wood eccentric as well. Cable stops and derailleur hangars are there for your geared pleasure, if that’s the way you roll. We are told that a very limited number of these frame sets will be hitting these shores in 2009.

For more information contact The Prairie Pedaler at: