At the beginning of the month I posted some news and rumors which included bits on Haro’s 2010 29″er line up and news of a titanium 29″er hardtail from Lynskey Performance Designs that was promised at a budget price. Here are some updates on those two stories.

Lynskey Performance Designs “Ridgeline” 29″er: Lynskey Performance announces the details of the budget priced titaium hardtail we mentioned in our earlier post. The new model, dubbed the Ridgeline, will have some pretty tasty details. Lynskey Performance’s own Jamie Pillsbury elaborates on the process that led to the new models final design: “Well here is the the good news…this is basically one of our Level 3 designs without the multi-butted tubes. The initial design was more of a straight gauge round tubed bike and we all agreed that was pretty boring, even at the lower price point. So we decided to go with our oversize downtube and shape it for added stiffness and better handling and went with a round sloping top tube.
Lynskey Performance Ridgeline

As can be seen the frame is a dedicated geared hardtail design. The derailluer cables are routed on the down tube and the rear brake on the disc only frame is routed at seven o’clock on the top tube. The frame uses International Standard disc tabs located on the seat stay side of the left drop out.

Drop out detail

This drop out features the clover from Lynskey’s crest. Pretty cool detail for a budget titanium frame. Jamie Pillsbury elaborates on the frame a bit more, with news on pricing: “While this frame is less than a quarter pound heavier than the same sized PRO29, it is significantly less expensive. At $1250 MSRP, it rivals the price of any similar quality steel frame, and crushes anything else in the handmade titanium realm. We are looking to roll out a healthy production run as soon as we get back from the holidays so they should be available mid Jan.

frame detail

So, if you have a hankerin’ for that grey metal in your next 29″er, give Lynskey a shout out. They are taking pre-orders for the first batch of frames. Contact them through their website for more details.

More 2010 Haro 29″er Details: In our previous Rumors post we reported that the Mary 29″ers would no longer be sporting straight top tubes, but would have the bent top tube like their 650B sisters, the Beasley’s. Now we learn from the blog of Jill Hamilton that the models will also share graphic details. Jill says, “….if you like the looks of the Masi steel bikes with classic panels, you’re going to love the look of the new Mary graphics.” We wondered aloud on the last Rumors report if the Haro Ally 29″ers would get the changes, but apparently they will retain the straight top tubes for now. They wiil also get a similar graphic treatment as the Mary. In spec news for the Haro 29″ers we learn that the On One Mary bar will be eschewed in favor of a new 10 degree bend Ritchey handle bar.

Look for more updates as they become available.