The Saguaro tires in the UST and TNT versions have been ridden now a bit, so here are some things you can expect to find if you get these tires for your own 29″er.

Geax TNT in the snow

First of all, these tires are just a little bit different than the previously sold folding version. In a side by side comparison, it is easy to see that the TNT and UST versions of the tire are a bit “flatter” crowned than the original. This sets the edge knobs at a less severe angle in relationship to the center knobs. More tread hits the ground in corners because of this, so that vague feeling in transitioning from straight up and down to a lean angle going into a corner is muted. I felt that the tire gripped corners better due to this and no doubt due to the tubeless nature of the tire.

I also feel that the casing is a bit more voluminous, but I have yet to get a caliper on Captain Bob’s tubed folding bead Saguaros to confirm this. At any rate, the lower possible air pressures, different tread angle, and slightly wider casing all add up to an even better tire than before, in my opinion.

Once the trails clear again here in the Mid-West, look for updates on the Saguaros and we’ll do some more winter riding on them in the meantime. (So far, they are working out very well in the snow!) Stay tuned!