Last week I had the opportunity to chat with Steve Domahidy of Niner Bikes. We covered a huge range of topics in our chat and I wish I could tell you all of what I heard, but alas……I can’t just yet! You know, sometimes these sort of posts are the hardest ones to write. Be that as it may, here goes…….

First of all, I must address the J.E.T. 9 issue, as I am sure many of you are out there wondering what is going on. I can tell you that Niner is doing all it can to get this situation resolved. I can’t tell you when that will be yet though. Obviously, Niner wants this over as much as you riders out there with J.E.T.9’s do. Even Steve lamented, “I mean, it’s a bummer for me too, because I can’t even ride my own J.E.T.9, ya know?” Steve, Chris, and the rest of the Niner guys are all nuts about riding, so they “get it” when they see the frustrations of riders out there. Trust me, they are doing their best to resolve the issues. Nuff said.

Now on to some other stuff Steve and I touched on. While I can not divulge details yet, I can say that Niner is going to drop a couple of bombs at Interbike this year. Of course, Niner has done some show stopping at the big dance in Vegas before, but I know this will be huge news for 29″er freaks everywhere.

Not only will they be showing something pretty special, ( Steve shared some crazy details on the project), but Steve promises that there will be something rideable at the Outdoor Demo too. So, be on the lookout come the end of September out Bootleg Canyon way.

Finally, I will say that during the course of our conversation, (which consisted mainly of Steve going on about technical details and me saying “Wow!” and “That’s cool!” about a million times), I learned that Niner has made an even more dedicated commitment to research and development in regards to new designs and testing of products. You’d think you were talking to the head of a big bicycle manufacturer if you could hear all the things Niner is doing to test and research their designs. I was duly impressed.

I know this isn’t the detailed post many of you would like to read here, but really…….if I told you, Steve would throw a pedal wrench in my spokes at Outdoor Demo! So, I ain’t talkin’ just yet. Just stay tuned, I promise you…’ll be worth the wait!

Updated 7/15/’08: In an e-mail from Chris Sugai of Niner Bikes I learned that the rocker links for the J.E.T.9’s will be in the hands of owners of J.E.T.9’s very soon. Here’s the quote from the e-mail: “We are (due) to send new links to riders near the end of this
month. We have been updating people on the process and know where we
stand as far as meeting our posted schedule.”

Great news for owners of J.E.T.9’s and for us actually, as we will now be able to continue the test of our J.E.T.9 for this site!