It seems that our post on “Raleigh ’09 Rumors” shook a few images out of the trees. Here are are some photos taken by an anonymous photographer in an unknown location. All we can say is that these are pre-production samples and some variance in spec might be found once these actually reach the floors of bike shops.

Raleigh '09 XXIX+G

Raleigh XXIX+G '09

This is the new 2009 Raleigh XXIX+G. Now sporting hydro brakes and a bigger front rotor, the bike is spec’ed here with the Tora for ’09, (which looks identical to a Reba SL ’08 vintage) and otherwise appears to be relatively unchanged besides the orangy-red paint job and new graphics.

XXIX for 2009

Close up of graphics

Here’s the single speed, the XXIX, with the new longer axle to crown fork and a look at the cool BMX inspired graphics. I like the look and the new longer fork should impart a smoother ride than the old XXIX fork could ever think of doing. I have questions regarding the specifics on the changes, (ie: axle to crown height, offset, head angles ) in to the proper folks at Raleigh, so when I hear about the details, I’ll post an update.

I didn’t recieve any images on the confirmed XXIX Deluxe, but it is coming. When I get anymore information on it, again, I will post an update.