Edge Composites 29

One of the more astounding things, I felt, that I saw at Sea Otter were the Edge Composites carbon fiber rimmed clincher 29″er wheels. These are not your garden variety wheels here folks. Edge Composites, who have a background in carbon technology that is amazing in itself, have been quietly testing these hoops in some pretty demanding conditions for two years now. They have passed muster and now will be available as complete wheels using Chris King hubs exclusively or as rims only for building onto your favorite hub set.

Detail of the Edge Composites rim well.

Edge Composites, who have supplied tubing and sub assemblies to the likes of Crumpton, Parlee, Ruegamer, and Vanilla, seem to know their stuff. Take into consideration the spoke holes in this rim. Drilled, right? No, they actually mold the spoke holes into the rim! Then they add a spherical washer inside to better support the nipple and allow it to spin more freely during build up and truing.

Now for the kicker: They are going to produce these carbon 29″er rims in a tubular format. That means they need a tire. So, Edge Composites is currently in the works with Clement on a couple of widths of 29″er tubular mountain bike tires. Word is that the widths will be 2.1″ and 2.4″. Weights are really impressive, but Edge claims it is the ride quality and toughness that are the selling points of these rims.

Calfee 29

Sticking with a carbon theme here, I just can’t get enough of Calfee’s bamboo bikes. If you ever get a chance to see one of these up close, they are amazing.

detail of a Calfee bamboo and carbon fiber head tube area

The detail and texture is really eye catching. Is it me, or do these joints on the Calfees just keep getting better?

Custom Sycip 29

And now for something completely different……

You’ve got to keep your eyes peeled at Sea Otter because not all of the cool bikes are in the booths being fawned over. Some of them are lovingly ridden off road, such as this custom Sycip 29″er. My picture doesn’t do it any justice, as it really sparkled in the sun.

Stay tuned for Day Two……