Continental Mountain King 2.4

Twenty Nine Inches has recieved a pair of Continental Mountain King 2.4″ 29″er foldable tires for test/review. These are one of two widths available, the other being a 2.2″ width.

Continental lists these tires in their spec sheet in the traditional manner- 28 X 2.4- but someone in the marketing department must have heard the complaints of the North American market because the side wall of the Mountain King is emblazoned with “29 Inch” in big bold lettering. The box the tires come in is also labeled “29 X 2.4″. Maybe not a big deal, but I noticed all the same.

Other specifications on the Mountain King are as follows: Three fabric ply construction for a total TPI count of 180. (Continental, and Schwalbe for that matter, add the thread per inch count, or “TPI”, of each ply and total it to get 180) Claimed weight is 860 grams for the 2.4 incher. Continental recommends an air pressure of 50 psi and a maximum air pressure of 65psi. The Mountain King is said to be “excellent” for use as a rear tire, for road, gravel, and mud. It is said to be “outstanding” on hard pack and as a front tire. Continental says the Mountain King is a “light weight” and “large volume” tire for all around use.

Okay, so what is the real deal here? Well, out of the box, our two sample tires weighed 760 grams each, a full 100 grams less than claimed. So, that was a nice surprise. The side walls felt fairly beefy, not unlike a few other tires we have been getting here lately. The knob pattern is made up of various geometric shapes and is a rather open looking tread pattern. It looks like it may clear mud fairly well, and we’ll be getting into that season here shortly, so we’ll find out soon enough.

The next step will be to mount them up and take some measurements. I will be taking these to El Paso, Texas soon to ride them in some rocky desert conditions. Continental says these are good for “gravel”, so we’ll test them on some bigger rocks and then bring them back to Iowa for some real gravel riding.

Look for updates on these and all of our other tire reviews in process soon.