NAHBS 2008: Lynskey Performance Designs collage

Jamie Pillsbury of Lynskey Performance Designs was kind enough to forward us this collage of bikes to be shown by Lynskey Performance at NAHBS starting Friday in Portland, Oregon. The show will be open to dealers and media tomorrow and the general public on Saturday and Sunday. While not all of these bikes pictured are 29″ers, they are very interesting for some other reasons.

A couple of notes: Lynskey is making use of the Gates designed belt for bicycle use in a few show models including the mountain bike and road bike shown here. (The road bike is a free wheel set up, not a fixed gear) Jamie thought that perhaps these were the first uses of the Belt Drive in a titanium bike.

Also debuting at NAHBS for Lynskey is the steel road bike pictured with the green/shamrock paint scheme. Yes folks, Lynskey is going to do steel bikes and this beauty is an example made from True Temper OX tubes that are butted with a shaped top and downtube to get the bike as pictured down to a paltry 17.5lbs.

Speaking of light weight: The belt drive road bike weighs an astonishing 12lbs and the belt drive mountain bike weighs an impressive 17.5lbs.

Look for more NAHBS updates as information becomes available.