IMG_3700When we purchased a new car for Mrs. Grannygear, we wanted to upgrade the bike rack that she used. She had been using a Hollywood rack that did the job at a budget price, but we wanted to change a few things. For one thing, her bike rack never leaves the car. It stays on there 24/7 as she uses it several days a week. As well, most of the time she has only one bike on there. We also wanted to get away from anything that touched the frame of the bike, so it had to be a tray-type that uses the bike’s wheels for holding it all together. We were going to install a new bike rack onto the rear of the car, however, when driving a Ford Edge it fits perfectly but unfortunately not on this Mazda. Which was annoying as this bike rack has come in very useful. We even got to get car insurance from somewhere like Insurance Quotes that were able to cover having the bike on our car in case we got into an accident. Our friend told us to consider looking at different Auto Parts companies to see if we could find a bike rack that would also fit perfectly to the Mazda. We haven’t got around to it yet, but we need to soon as otherwise, we won’t be able to go on any bike rides away from home. I

And, if we could, it would be able to get out of the way as much as possible to allow the dog to jump in and out of the hatchback without circus acrobatics. Got to keep the dog happy. And as much as I like my Kuat rack, it gets in the way a lot.

I had seen the 1Up USA Quik Racks before on folk’s cars and had also read about them on-line. It was an impressive product at an equally impressive price, in that I mean it ain’t cheap. But when I began looking at our priorities, nothing ticked all the boxes like the 1Up did. So we ordered a set of 1Up USA Quik Racks in anodized black and waited for the Big Brown Truck.

Removing the 1Up USA Quik Racks from the box, this is what we had.

  • Single Bicycle Quik Rack (Black) $349.00
    – 1 ¼” or 2″ Hitch Carrier
    – Designed to Carry 1 Bicycle
    – Compatible with Quik Rack Add On
    – Rated For Up to 3 Bicycles w/ Add Ons
    – Rates for 50 lbs per bike spot
  • Quik Rack Add On (Black) $249.00
    – Attaches to 1UPUSA Hitch Quik Rack
    – Rated for 50 lbs per bike spot
    – Weight of each Add-On, 18 lbs

$600.00 is no small amount of cash for a 2 bike rack, so I had high expectations. Pulling the sections out of the boxes, I was feeling pretty good about meeting those expectations. First of all, the 1Up USA Quik Rack is a thing of beauty, at least if you like well made metal stuff. There is not a hint of plastic anywhere. It is all machined and anodized metal and it looks the way things used to be made but seldom are…solid and built to last. It is also surprisingly light.

From the website: The 1up USA Quik-Rack has more features than any other bike carrier. Fully assembled and ready for use. You won’t get bags full of nuts and bolts to assemble. It mounts to your vehicle in 10 seconds with a unique corner expander ball that eliminates all wobble and play. To mount the Quik-Rack just insert it until it stops, then tighten the anti-theft security expander bolt (1-2 turns). That’s it! No Hitch Pin or bolt to install or lose. 1up USA provides the anti-theft security tool needed for the 5 second job. To remove the Quik-Rack just loosen the anti-theft security expander bolt (1-2 turns) and remove the Quik-Rack from the hitch. You can switch from 1-¼” to 2″ receiver in about 10 seconds with the adapter provided. When not in use it folds down in just 5 seconds and fits back in it’s reusable box only 30″ X 14″ X 8″ and weighs only 23 pounds. Small enough to fit in the trunk of your vehicle.

1Up USA Quik Rack1Up USA Quik Rack1Up USA Quik Rack

It folds up surprisingly small and although I did not weigh it, I do not doubt the weight claims of 1UP. It’s light and easy to carry, especially when you are just carrying the single bike mount section. Mounting it onto the hitch receiver is not quite like any other rack I have used. The 1Up USA Quik Rack does not use a pin or bolt that pierces the tongue of the rack and the car mounted hitch. Rather, there is an internal wedgie thing that is secured with a special allen wrench. The end result is an exceptionally wiggle-free rack attachment, although anyone with the same rack and/or the special tool can remove your rack.

1Up USA Quik Rack

1Up USA Quik Rack

Once on there, adding a bike is so simple. Loading your bike could not be easier. Just open the arms, set your bike in then close the arms. Your bike is securely held by the tires only. It takes only 5 seconds to load your bike and 5 seconds to unload! There are no bungee cords, straps or clamps to fuss with. The 1up USA Quik-Rack can be used with most bikes and wheel sizes. All bikes with wheel sizes from 16 to 29 inch and as wide as 3-¼ inch will fit the Quik-Rack. Bike wheel base up to 52 inch (axle to axle) will work also. When not in use it folds down in just 5 seconds and fits back in it’s reusable box only 30″ X 14″ X 8″ and weighs only 23 pounds. Small enough to fit in the trunk of your vehicle. You will not find features like this on any other rack.

1Up USA Quik Rack1Up USA Quik RackIMG_3695

1Up USA Quik Rack1Up USA Quik Rack

It is indeed, just that easy. And removing it is sweet, as you can release the front wheel arm, and the rear wheel arm holds the bike there until you lift it out and down. No tipping bikes if you fumble things. Adding the second bike carrier is quite easy. Unscrew the two large allen bolts enough to let the second carrier slip on there, and then tighten them down. Done. It is a bit fiddly to get the bolts secured once the second section is on there, but it’s no biggy.

1Up USA Quik Rack1Up USA Quik Rack1Up USA Quik Rack

1Up USA Quik Rack1Up USA Quik Rack

With two bikes mounted, there typically is some kind of conflict between the bikes with the bars or the saddle or something, at least with MTBs anyway. But the way the wheel bars tilt freely, you can shift the bikes one way or the other enough to solve most issues. Once on there, they are rock solid. Not even a wiggle. It is the most secure set-up I have seen from top to bottom.

To tilt the rack up and out of the way when it is empty, or, to lower it down to allow access to a car hatch or trunk when bikes are on there, there is a spring loaded bar that sits in notches and is held in place by not only spring tension, but also a threaded knob. It is a decent way to go, but it does bring up my only complaint so far, discussed later on.

1Up USA Quik Rack1Up USA Quik Rack1Up USA Quik Rack

So looking at the priorities we had going into this for the wife’s new car, how did we do with the 1Up USA Quik Rack so far, after a few months of use? Very well with one exception.

The Good:

  • It is so out of the way when folded up, and when set up for only one bike, that it is hard to distinguish it from the rear bumper facia. So for loading and unloading anything out of the back of the hatch, it is a dream.
  • It is easy to expand that to 2 bikes, and she has no issues manipulating the wheel bars and getting any of her bikes on or off. I love the way it carries one bike only if that is all you need, and in that mode is so compact.
  • It looks no different now then when we installed it, meaning that I think it will weather well living on the back of the car full time.
  • All the parts are replaceable and rebuildable, or at least it sure seems that way. There might be some pieces that are not sold separately. Any wear items are certainly replaceable.
  • It is darn good looking and reeks of quality in that hand made, old craftsman way. It’s the anti-plastic.

The Less Than Good:

  • Only one thing really. My wife has some tendinitis issues in her forearms and wrists and overall, has weak hand strength. The action required to release the tilt bar and actually move the rack up or down is beyond what she can manage without too much pain. I can do it with my fingers and lower forearms, but she cannot. And that is a shame, as it means she cannot put it up and out of the way by herself. Now I mention this only to say that if you are someone with limitations in this regard…arthritis, etc…then this might be an issue for you.

Other than that, no complaints.

Final thoughts:

The 1Up USA Quik Rack is made to the highest quality standards I have ever seen in a product like this and looks like it will last long enough to include it in your will. The function is top notch too. The initial cost is high, but if you live with your bikes on and off your car, consider it the last rack you will ever buy.

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Note: 1 Up USA provided this product at a reduced charge to Twenty Nine Inches for test and review. We are not being paid, nor bribed for these reviews and we will strive to give our honest thoughts and opinions throughout.